vendredi 25 juillet 2014

Why did my name change ?

Hello everyone !

Some people may know that Yakan was not my original music nickname.
Before being Yakan, it was "E-Shine".

At the beginning it was even just "Shine" but I changed it a first time for a simple reason :
There was already so much musicians and bands called "Shine" !!! :O

So I changed it but didn't want to change it completely, I just wanted to have a little difference in my nickname, so it would be easier for people to find me.
I just added the "E", since I make electronic music, I decided to add to my original nickname the letter "E" meaning electronic, just like in "E-Mail". And E-Shine was born.

I changed this nickname again for several reasons :
-The name "Shine" was too random
I didn't really know what to answer to people asking me about the choice of this name.

-E-Shine is, once again, the name of other contents related to music.

-E-Shine is also a brand of aquarium accessories in a country, and of car accessories in another one...
I found weird to have the same name than these brands.

...And my choice was "Yakan".
Yakan doesn't come out of nowhere : Before I decided to rename retroactively all the "E-Shine" content to "Yakan" content.
Yakan was a new name I created (As I already created "Byond", even before "Shine" and "E-Shine") in order to make my tracks in another music style I love : Uplifting Trance.
But since my trials to make an Uplifting Trance track weren't successful, I stopped this "project".
Then, for the reasons I told before, I decided to finally use this name to replace "E-Shine".

But what does Yakan mean ? As I told before, it doesn't come out of nowhere, and as you can see by my cover's arts : City night views and Asia inspire me a lot.
This name is born from these inspirations.
One of my favorite countries in Asia is Japan.
So I simply decided to chose my nickname after the word "Nighttime" in Japanese : "Yakan".

Now you know why my name was E-Shine before, and Yakan today

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