lundi 1 septembre 2014

What is the word ?

Did I tell you that I created a word to define the way I see my music ?



INTERNATIONAL : Because my music is not made "by" or "for" a country.
I'm French, but more than "French music", this is Yakan's music !
And it's not made for a public from one or another country.
It's made for Yakan's public, wherever people are !

TIMELESS : Because my music is neither "Today's music", nor "Tommorow's music".
Because it shall not become "Yesterday's music".
Whenever it's made, it's made to be listened at any time (even in 20 years !).

This is what defines my music ! This is INTIMELESSIONAL ! :)

samedi 30 août 2014

Who made that music ?

Hello everyone, it's been a long time !

Just making a post because I sent some music to, a french blogger who lives in China and tests Chinese smartphones on Youtube.
Lot of Chinese smartphones test videos by some other bloggers or sellers are based on his ones (some were even copies of his videos without soundtrack, that made him add a watermark...).

And since I sent him some music, he uses one of these in his test videos.
(Only in the French ones, looks like he doesn't use the jingle in the English ones)

If you listen, maybe you already recognize my track "The Third Time" from Ode to Instrumental.
Of course it's not definitive, but it's nice to hear this.^^

Direct Link to the jingle using my music in a video

lundi 28 juillet 2014

Can I Download Yakan's music now ?


Yakan's 11 Tracks album "Ode to Instrumental" is available.
Just click here to listen or download for FREE !
You can also copy/paste the URL or click on the image.

Don't forget to share it around you ! ;)

vendredi 25 juillet 2014

Why did my name change ?

Hello everyone !

Some people may know that Yakan was not my original music nickname.
Before being Yakan, it was "E-Shine".

At the beginning it was even just "Shine" but I changed it a first time for a simple reason :
There was already so much musicians and bands called "Shine" !!! :O

So I changed it but didn't want to change it completely, I just wanted to have a little difference in my nickname, so it would be easier for people to find me.
I just added the "E", since I make electronic music, I decided to add to my original nickname the letter "E" meaning electronic, just like in "E-Mail". And E-Shine was born.

I changed this nickname again for several reasons :
-The name "Shine" was too random
I didn't really know what to answer to people asking me about the choice of this name.

-E-Shine is, once again, the name of other contents related to music.

-E-Shine is also a brand of aquarium accessories in a country, and of car accessories in another one...
I found weird to have the same name than these brands.

...And my choice was "Yakan".
Yakan doesn't come out of nowhere : Before I decided to rename retroactively all the "E-Shine" content to "Yakan" content.
Yakan was a new name I created (As I already created "Byond", even before "Shine" and "E-Shine") in order to make my tracks in another music style I love : Uplifting Trance.
But since my trials to make an Uplifting Trance track weren't successful, I stopped this "project".
Then, for the reasons I told before, I decided to finally use this name to replace "E-Shine".

But what does Yakan mean ? As I told before, it doesn't come out of nowhere, and as you can see by my cover's arts : City night views and Asia inspire me a lot.
This name is born from these inspirations.
One of my favorite countries in Asia is Japan.
So I simply decided to chose my nickname after the word "Nighttime" in Japanese : "Yakan".

Now you know why my name was E-Shine before, and Yakan today

jeudi 24 juillet 2014

What's my top 3 visitors ?

Here is the 3 countries that visit my blog the most :

N°1 : France (I guess that's because I'm French ^^)
N°2 : United States (I'm actually surprised !)
N°3 : Germany (I'd like to have more visitors from that great country for electronic music !)

Let's bring everybody here and talk about good music !!

lundi 21 juillet 2014

What do you think right now ?

I think that one of my biggest dreams is to do a live set @ Tommorowland ! :)

This festival looks so great and I'm always sad that I can't go there !
I always hope I'll be there the next part of the line-up ! :)

dimanche 20 juillet 2014

What is a great FREE track ?

People who know me know that my music is FREE !

But I'm not the only one here to make free music !

Let me introduce you a free track I love, from my friend Fozzie Bx and his friend Tom Kreyn.

The song is called Morpheus (reference to the character of "The Matrix").

Download it here >

Enjoy ;)